"We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I want to contribute to that."

~ Ellen DeGeneres

About Zoe

Interests include: languages, cultural studies, health and wellness, relationship-building, service, dark chocolate.

Writing Samples

A sample of my writing, ranging from academic papers to articles and blog posts written for professional internships.

Graphic Samples

A peek into my graphic design work, ranging from logo design to company rebranding.

Quick Clips

Narrative: Outsider

There are four major signs that you have a parasite growing inside of you: Unexplained, intense digestive and abdominal irregularities and discomfort. Dramatic loss in interest; feelings of apathy; exhaustion. Disconnection with the world around you. Joint and muscle...

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Column: Moving Forward in Our America

Once the dust settled after the recent presidential election, revealing an America that backed President-elect Donald Trump, those who did not support him were astonished and taken aback, surprised to find themselves in a country where half of the voters were more...

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