Letters from London

After completing my fall 2015 internship with the Office of Enrollment, my supervisor asked me to continue writing while studying abroad in London – a “Voices of Florida Southern” kind of bent. As a relatively academically-driven person for much of my life, writing about my own feelings and experiences was actually quite a terrifying concept, even for something as “safe” as a travel blog. However, as a growth-minded person, I was excited about pushing my personal limits. So here you have it: my modest attempt to bring my unique voice to some truly wonderful experiences.

Note: These posts are written with an FSC marketing angle in mind, so the frequent mention of Florida Southern with a very positive hue is purposeful and by design.

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

I’m gonna let you in on a closely held secret that most students who study abroad will never tell you. It’s the part that we all leave out of our stories of breathtaking views and culture-filled cities and life-changing experiences. It’s the thing that seems...

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A Three Dimensional World

In my photography class, we have been talking a lot about the “smartphone photography debate.” The debate has two key sub-debates going on. First, is smartphone photography killing the art of “real” photography? Second, is smartphone photography disconnecting people...

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To Speak Without Words

If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to speak every language in the world. There is no better feeling than to be able to communicate with people in a time of need---either theirs or yours. After a long day of travel, the ability to ask for simple...

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Accents, Escalators, and Other First-Month Moments

Next week marks one month since I arrived at Regent’s University in London, one of the most interesting, elegant, accessible, and history-filled cities I have ever experienced, and I have learned three major lessons: The pound to dollar exchange rate is killing my...

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